fiercely committing to the moments

Life as I know it is moving with all the force of a bullet train and all the hesitancy of an aged turtle. Everyone's been telling me to embrace this time and not to wish my life away but I never realized how hard it was to appreciate the moment when you'd rather be elsewhere. Yes, I understand life after … Continue reading fiercely committing to the moments


virginia beach or cleveland or knox

I feel like a mess. per usual. every time I sit down to write something, I lose sight of my initial idea. I want to be intentional and inspiring, like any hopeful writer, but that can be a massive, unnecessary burden to carry. I cannot sit down to write with a packed agenda and this … Continue reading virginia beach or cleveland or knox


we put timelines on everything. education. relationships. success. engagement. marriage. due dates. retirement.  we're all human, and we plan. when I was in seventh grade, we had this colossal timeline project we worked on all year. it was a massive pain in the butt, and I must've started over at least twice. We kept adding … Continue reading timelines


Sometimes you just need to feel something. Anything. Sometimes you just need someone to be there. Anyone. I haven't felt all that in tune with my emotions recently. I can't describe it well. I just know something feels as though it's missing. I've also been feeling this urge to grow up. Mature. Visiting colleges and … Continue reading bloom